Duke - The Fuqua School of Business

Meet the MBAA!

We’re the MBAA and we’re here to represent the interests of the student body of Fuqua. Through the establishment of an elected government, we provide a platform for the discussion of issues of student concern and act as the instrument by which student interests may be voiced to the administration of The Duke MBA.


We’re here to create an inclusive, connected, and engaged student body that collaborates to achieve a greater good for the benefit or each other, Fuqua and the world. We hope to do this through


Strengthening Creating stronger ties inside of Fuqua while creatively pursuing opportunities to engage with Duke and the broader Durham community.


Better Engaging with the student body through encouraging constant feedback while striving to create a more efficient means of informing the Fuqua Community

Constant Learning

Adding value inside and outside beyond the classroom to all Fuqua student's experiences.