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About Us

The Duke MBA Design + Innovation Club (D+I) is a community for people who make things, make things better, and make a difference. We're uniting innovators who value creative thinking to share expertise across industries and engage in thoughtful discussion.

D+I was created for Fuqua students who are interested in incorporating design methodologies into leading organizations, solving business challenges, and facilitating innovation. The club offers workshops, lecture series, arts-related gatherings and services, and career treks that allow members to network and engage with people working in innovative industries. Members will develop a strategic growth toolkit that bolsters typical left-brain analytics with right-brain creativity when making real world business decisions.


Our mission is to educate about the power of design and innovation focused thinking in the business world, especially through hands-on, experiential learning.

Our members come from very diverse backgrounds, but have a specific interest in the intersection of business and human-centered design. We are ambitious, adaptive, creative, impact driven, and team oriented.

Guiding Principles

We will think big.
We will be inclusive of people and ideas.
We will encourage experimentation.
We will have fun!


We support each other
We have empathy for those around us
We do things with enthusiasm
We focus on positive communication
We believe in radical collaboration
We have a strong commitment towards the club
We build on other’s ideas through “Yes and…”
We foster our creativity