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Prospective Students

The business school application process is intense, challenging, and time-consuming, regardless of your sexual orientation and identity.  That said, from our own experience, we know that LGBT applicants have specific concerns and questions, and we will attempt to address some of these questions here.

Feel free to contact us to learn more from current members of FuquaPride.


How welcoming is the program to gay students? 

Students at Fuqua come from all over the world with a variety of professional backgrounds.  Fuqua's LGBT students represent a global cross-section from South Carolina to New York City and Venezuela to Taiwan. We're extremely diverse and our interests range from consulting to finance to renewable energy to brand management.  Fuqua is a team culture, and the LGBT students are part of many teams and clubs in addition to FuquaPride. Currently, FuquaPride has over 130 active student members, including LGBT students and allies.

ROMBA Happy Hour 2014 - San Francisco 

Does Fuqua Pride have any connections with gay-friendly firms?

Yes!  Message us on our Contact page to find out more about relationships with specific firms.  FuquaPride has positive relationships with companies across many industries and functions.  Some of these companies offer direct funding and support to the club (currently, these include Accenture and Bain & Company), while others simply maintain positive relationships that are helpful during recruiting.  Moreover, FuquaPride members in recent years have interned at or received full-time offers from firms such as Nike, Accenture, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems, Citi, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, BCG, Delta Airlines, General Mills, and other notable firms.

What are some of the typical events that your group puts on during the year?  

FuquaPride is one of the most visible, sociable, and well-respected clubs on campus. Check out our events page for upcoming social and recruiting events.  During the year, a few of our key events include: 

  • Host of Fuqua Friday during National Coming Out Week (recently, celebrating North Carolina's Marriage Equality)
  • Panels on what it means to be a straight ally and out in the workplace
  • FuquaPride Drag Party: attended by over 200 Fuqua students
  • LGBT Weekend: hosted 20+ prospective students  
  • Love=Love t-shirt sale and party in Durham

How do you feel about being gay in Durham?  

The Research Triangle in North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) draws people from all over the world to work and study.  The Triangle offers exquisite restaurants, fun nightlife, and an amazing quality of life.  The Duke community thrives with an active LGBT population, and the LGBT students at Duke often go out to the gay bars in Durham itself, but also in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, including Legends Nightclub.  FuquaPride also interacts with a number of other LGBT graduate programs, such as Duke OUT (for the larger Duke community) and UNC Kenan-Flagler's LGBT club.

To get a better sense of our community, we encourage you to apply to the Duke MBA LGBT Weekend (for prospective students) and to attend Blue Devil Weekend (for admitted students).  Also, check out the NC Pride website; this annual celebration occurs every fall on Duke's East Campus in Durham.

Should I be "out" in my application?

It is completely your decision whether or not to be out in your application.  However, the Admissions team strives to get to know you on a personal level, and many LGBT applicants feel that they can better present themselves and their "stories" in their applications if they are open about the sexuality and gender identity.  The Admissions team is very LGBT-friendly and is excited to work to increase the relative proportion of LGBT students in the larger Fuqua student body, given our historical under-representation in MBA programs.

As a quick note, if you are "out" in your application, you do not automatically have to be out to your classmates and professors if you so choose (although we do hope that most LGBT students will choose to be out on campus).

Are there Admissions events specifically for LGBT students?

Yes!  Our Admissions team hosts outreach events in many cities, some of which have a specific diversity and/or LGBT focus.  A list of these events is on the Fuqua Admissions website at this link.

Once or twice a year, Admissions will host an LGBT-themed webinar for prospective students.  Our Admissions team also participates in the MBA Expo "school fair" each year at the Reaching Out MBA Conference.

Also, each year in December, Admissions hosts The Duke MBA LGBT Weekend in Durham.  All prospective MBA students (regardless of where they are in the application process) are encouraged to attend; at the Weekend, you will learn more about the academics and career opportunities at Fuqua and what it's like to be LGBT at Duke.  Additionally, you'll be able to meet and network with current students and alumni of FuquaPride.  Learn more at www.lgbtweekend.com.

Finally, for admitted LGBT students, FuquaPride hosts a welcome event during each of the Blue Devil Weekends

Should I attend the Duke MBA LGBT Weekend?

Yes, you should!  Here are more details about the weekend and ways to learn more:

  • Location: Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business
  • When: TBD, November/December 2019
  • Cost: No workshop fee.  Duke provides room and board; however, participants are responsible for travel to and from Duke.

Why attend:

  • Gain valuable insights from and network with our current LGBT students and alumni (as well as other prospective students)
  • Explore options for financing the MBA degree
  • Complete your admissions interview
  • Learn about the career planning process and post-MBA opportunities
  • Attend a class and tour the campus
  • Experience The Duke MBA first-hand
  • Free lodging and meals

How to apply:

Complete our online registration. 

To learn more:

Visit the LGBT Weekend website by clicking here.