Duke - The Fuqua School of Business


The MBAA is established to represent the interests of the student body of Fuqua. Through the establishment of an elected government, it provides a platform for the discussion of issues of student concern and act as the instrument by which student interest may be voiced to the administration of The Duke MBA.

•    Serve as the primary student voice to The Duke MBA administration in the areas of academics, curriculum, admissions, career management, dining, technology, culture, sustainability, community outreach, and international student affairs.

•    Oversee club activity and dispense student funds to clubs based on budgets

•    Organize school-wide social events

•    Provide leadership for initiatives that maintain the consistency of The Duke MBA brand across all student activities

•    Lead or assist with new initiatives undertaken by Duke MBA students

•    Provide multiple vehicles for students, faculty, clubs, and the administration to communicate with the rest of the Daytime MBA population

•    Provide representation for The Duke MBA at the Graduate Business Forum or other meetings of the student leadership from other MBA programs